• Why are you now operating with an up-front fee?
Up until April 2016 we operated on a no up-front fee and straight 50 / 50 income split, unfortunately as the years progressed this was no longer viable. After a simple meeting we reviewed our business model and worked out an amount we thought would be affordable to both authors old and new and then also increased the author royalty percentage to 75%.

  • Why are your prices lower than other sites?
We believe that as it stands our prices are competitive in the current market yet our quality of books will be hard to beat. Our team carry out all the work in house right here in our UK offices so we can monitor each and every step.

  • Are there any hidden costs?
No. Other than any additional extras you request yourself, such as proof-reading, images within the book or books with word counts larger than 80k words. What you see is what you get.

  •  I don't live in the UK, can you still publish my work?
Of course, we work with a number of overseas authors.

  • Are you a self-publisher?
No. We will not and do not accept any old manuscript and all submissions are checked before you receive our approval. We are pleased to say that we are now more strict than ever. If your book contains a number of obvious errors and spelling mistakes then it will be sent back to you.

  • Do you offer editing and proof-reading?
We do offer copy editing as an additional service. This includes, spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax etc.. as well as highlighting any problem areas. Quotes are provided on a per-book basis so please drop us an email for further information.

  • Can I use my own cover design?
I’m afraid we do not allow authors to provide their own covers. It is something we used to allow however as our name is attached to the book we want them to look as good as possible. With years of experience we are confident that our cover designs will attract your desired audience.

  • What is POD?
POD - stands for print-on-demand. This means you can wave goodbye to costly print runs and storage fees, your books will only be printed as and when they’re needed. We offer one of the highest quality print-on-demand services around, so much so that you’d be hard pushed to notice the difference between a POD and a traditional paperback. Don’t be fooled into thinking all POD are the same - they’re not!

  • Do you sub your work out to other countries?
No. Other than editors whom we work closely with everything is carried out in-house, in our UK based office. Over the years we have designed and developed bespoke systems for reporting royalties and converting your book files. That doesn’t mean we put your book into a machine at one end and it spits out the final version at the other, quite the opposite. Our system allows us to efficiently work through your manuscripts by hand - this allows us total control over the final style of the book.

  • I’m considering the silver package; can I pay for you to design my cover?
Yes. We offer three different levels of cover creation. Please contact us for more details on this.

  • Where will my book / books be available?
Your eBook will be available worldwide from all major on-line retailers including: Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc.. plus hundreds more and lets not forget the libraries. Think of somewhere you usually buy your books from and we've probably got them covered. As new retailers pop up we also try our best to negotiate the best deal possible.

  • How do you deliver my sales information?
Once the retailers have reported and paid us for your first sale (an average of three months after publication) you will be provided with a username and password. You can then log into our system and download your reports. The information will be updated at the end of each month.

  • How do I pay you?
You can pay us for your book creation by either bank transfer, Paypal or cheque.

  • How do you pay me?
We pay UK based authors and publishers by UK bank transfer. For non UK based authors and publishers we pay you by PayPal to keep the fees as low as possible for you.