About us

Andrews UK is a privately held company based in Luton, UK. Founded in 2000 the company has been at the forefront of digital media since its inception. We publish books on a global basis, working with authors, other publishers, and retail outlets and lenders all over the world, to bring that book content to every corner of the Earth.

Working with partners of all sizes across the globe – from individual authors to international publishers – our core business focus is producing eBooks of the highest quality and distributing them through a huge number of retailers and wholesalers worldwide. We believe that some of the key factors behind our success is the personal service we offer each individual and our flexibility in the sense we are able and happy to adapt to our clients’ requirements.

Whether you are a first-time author with a desire to see your d├ębut novel for sale or the manager of an established publishing house looking to maximise your digital revenue, we’d love to hear from you.